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“Dead Sea” Discovered in N. China

Chinese scientists have discovered a “dead sea” in north China’s Shanxi Province, comparable to the world famous Dead Sea located in the rift valley between Palestine and Jordan.

The “dead sea” is actually the Salt Lake in Yuncheng city in the southern part of Shanxi, which has been developed as a source of trace elements for more than 4,000 years. Covering 132 square kilometers, the Salt Lake is one of the three famous sodium sulfate lakes in the world.

From various experiments, Chinese scientists have found that just like the Dead Sea, the Salt Lake contains all kinds of trace elements like magnesium, calcium, natrium, bromine and sulphur. Experts say that people can lie on the surface of the lake due to its extraordinary buoyancy and lake water is good for the skin. The black mud in the lake is effective in treating skin diseases, arthritis and the nervous system.

The Salt Lake is now China’s largest inorganic salt production base and the lake’s various resources have been used in making washing powder and chemical products for daily use among other things.