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Columbus,OH, USA–Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI), has enhanced its AccuGlobe Internet: Online Assessor solution with the completion of a Pictometry add-on.

Pictometry International Corp., a provider of geo-referenced, aerial image libraries and related software, captures geo-referenced, high-resolution oblique and orthogonal images. When integrated to DDTI’s existing Online Assessor property search, site users realise a new three-dimensional way to view property records.

DDTI’s Online Assessor solution offers public users the ability to search property appraisal and GIS information. Online Assessor integrates computer aided mass appraisal (CAMA) data to GIS data, creating a searchable, interactive map of parcels for site visitors to survey. A map image of each record is standard with such property search solutions, but the Pictometry add-on offers another feature to further elevate DDTI’s Online Assessor from its competitors, allowing users to see high resolution aerial images of their property from each cardinal direction.

In addition to the Pictometry add-on, the DDTI-provided mapping solution features common viewing tools like Pan and Zoom, intersection search, and selecting parcels by point, polygon or line. Users can also tailor their searches by turning on and off multiple layers, like soils, highways, flood zones and more.