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DDTI releases AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 for download

Columbus, Ohio, USA, 16 November 2006 – Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI) is offering free download of its newly unveiled AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 software at www.ddti.net. DDTI distributed beta versions of the program to clients attending its annual Users’ Group Conference last month.

“I love that this product allows me to reproject my map layers on the fly so I don’t have to bother with manually reconfiguring my projects,” said Holmes County GIS Director Erik Parker. Other new editing features include an undo/redo feature and the ability to modify multiple layers at the same time.

Users can create shortcuts to frequent views with a new Hotspots feature, eliminating repeated zooming and panning to find the ideal frame. AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 also supports new data formats including ECW and JPEG2000.

DDTI’s existing base of more than 25,000 AccuGlobe 2004 users will enjoy the flexibility of installing AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 on the same computer as AccuGlobe 2004. However, in order to download the upgrade, users must follow the step-by-step process. AccuGlobe 2004’s convenient built-in web updater function will not achieve the program upgrade; instead, it will simply offer the latest version of 2004. Users who participated in the AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 preview also need to download, rather than running the web updater.

Users must operate on Windows 2000 or XP platforms in order to run the AccuGlobe upgrade, and should run setup.exe after the initial download. Like its predecessor, AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 also features a web updater function, which users should run upon installation to obtain the most recent version.

All inquiries for assistance with AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 should be directed to DDTI’s online community forum located at .

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