DCSE announces release of Mapplet 3.0, GIS viewer for the utility industry

DCSE announces release of Mapplet 3.0, GIS viewer for the utility industry


Aliso Viejo, California, USA, 6 October 2006 – DCSE Inc, a California based developer of collaborative, enterprise-wide GIS and web-based solutions for the utility industry, announced a new release of their flagship GIS-portal, Mapplet family of products. With version 3.0 of Mapplet now shipping to new customers and those on maintenance, DCSE has achieved another set of milestones for integration of utility data with GIS viewing technology.

Mapplet 3.0 is the most feature rich solution for analysis and distribution of data using GIS. “Our goal was to create the most powerful yet easy to use solution for water and wastewater entities looking to use GIS as a tool to manage their districts”, said Dr. Ali Diba, President and CEO of DCSE. “We have not only accomplished our objectives, but have set a new standard in data exploration of scientific, financial, and operational data collected by a typical utility”, said Dr. Diba.

Mapplet 3.0 is comprised of three solutions, managed using a single interface, that are targeted towards different class of users in a typical utility organization. Mapplet.NET is the extensible data exploration, reporting, and custom map making interface targeted towards users requiring access to GIS and corporate data.

Mapplet Lite is the data query, reporting, and custom map making interface targeted towards internal users with a specific workflow requirements to access GIS, tabular, and multimedia data. Both of these products include state-of-the art capability to query, retrieve, and analyze tabular data connected to GIS layers.

WebMapplet is targeted towards end users with little or no background in GIS such as public access to GIS, tabular, and multimedia data through a kiosk or an engineering counter. All three products are built using ESRI’s server based GIS products and Microsoft’s .NET based Smart Client technology. Mapplet.NET, DCSE’s most extensible solution, includes many valuable extensions such as Valve Isolation, Shutdown Notice Generation, CMMS Integration, Document Management System access.

Mapplet 3.0 has been installed and is fully operational at DCSE’s major client sites. “With 3.0 we are able to offer unprecedented capabilities to users that have complex legacy large scale databases containing many years of transactional data and monitoring data”, said Dr. Diba. Mapplet 3.0 represents DCSE’s extensive experience and understanding of utilities, including water and wastewater agencies requirements for implementation of enterprise GIS using ESRI’s technology.

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DCSE is a distinguished software product and consulting firm that specializes in developing innovative information technology (IT) solutions for utilities, including water, wastewater and state and local government agencies. The company has been an ESRI Partner for over 16 years. DCSE was founded in 1989 in southern California as part of a growing demand for GIS services. The company offers a broad range of products and services that together form a comprehensive solution for GIS organizations. DCSE is located in Aliso Viejo, Orange County, California. For more information, please visit: https://www.dcse.com/