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DCED offers access to new flood insurance rate maps

US: To help residents and businesses to be better prepared for the risk of flooding, the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), US, launched a website containing the new digital flood insurance rate maps established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  

“Having up-to-date, digital access to flood insurance rate maps is a critical tool for homeowners and businesses when preparing for flood-related emergencies,” said C. Alan Walker, Secretary of DCED.  “Residents and local businesses can use the maps to determine if they are located in a floodplain and community officials can access the information to effectively create floodplain-management strategies to ensure public safety.”

The new website, www.pafloodmaps.com, contains a digital version of FEMA’s floodplain maps which were established to designate specific areas that are special hazards or risk premium zones in order to determine whether flood insurance is required.

The site provides information to municipal officials, residents, and insurance agencies and brokers. It also alerts users to the potential risks and responsibilities associated with being located in a floodplain.

The website also features an interactive risk-identification tool that allows users to enter an address and access information relating to that property. Users will also be able to determine if a property is in a floodplain, specific building code regulations that pertain to a property, and if there is a mandatory flood insurance requirement for that address.

Source: www.fox43.com