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DB Schenker, T-Systems, GAF AG to come up with new transport solution

GAF AG's new transport logistics solutionGermany, September 12, 2014: The Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Schenker is developing a new, advanced transport and logistics solution together with T-Systems and GAF AG.

The system delivers real-time data based on satellite navigation, earth observation and satellite communication technologies.

A smartphone app makes use of GPS to capture information about location, speed, acceleration and driving times, including breaks and stoppages. Based on the specific freight, vehicle weight and predefined reference profiles, this data can be used to calculate the precise fuel consumption, which is then integrated into the parameters for the route. The logistics company and the driver immediately receive the same metrics via a T-Systems server.

To boost the accuracy of the results, GAF is implementing high-quality Digital Elevation Models based on satellite earth observation images to achieve an even more precise calculation of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Earth observation data can be used to identify destroyed infrastructure and traversable routes.

In the case of shipments with high security requirements, a satellite-based communications network can also be used instead of the terrestrial network to ensure a reliable tracking.

The project is funded jointly by the European Space Agency‘s Integrated Application Promotion (IAP) programme.

Source: GAF AG