Home News Daum offers better maps of North Korea than Google

Daum offers better maps of North Korea than Google

South Korea: Daum, South Korea's search giant has offered new and better maps of North Korea as compared to Google maps. The free, new maps are based on data from National Geographic Information Institute (NGII) of South Korea and provide better coverage of North Korea than Google Maps.

The NGII data on Daum captures far more information than Google.

For instance, here’s the downtown region of Chasong in Daum Maps:

Downtown area of Chasong as shown on Google Maps August 30 2014

And here is the same region covered in Google Maps:

Downtown region of Chasong on Daum maps on August 30 2014

After seeing the two maps, it is not difficult to notice that the region as captured in Daum maps has greater detail on railways and roads.

Further, it is also maintained the new maps even cover rural areas whereas Google only covers major cities. However, Daum’s satellite imagery seems less crisp due to a lower spatial resolution compared to Google's.

Source: North Korea Tech