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Dates announced for GPS and GIS training in Bhutan

Bhutan – The GPS and GIS has now become a multifunctional and versatile tool for resource
management and also for any other purposes.

The GPS and GIS have become important for the community forestry programme at this juncture. Without having good and realistic maps, the community forest management plan will be incomplete. Map for the CFM plan is very crucial for understanding of CF sites, recording the CF sites in digital form and monitoring the CF in future.

The training on GPS and GIS will be conducted by the College of Natural Resources in close collaboration with the Social Forestry Division, Department of Forests from 23rd to 27th June 2008 at College of Natural Resources Computer Lab. The training is financially supported by the Participatory Forest Management Project (PFMP).

The objectives of the Training:

  • To equip dzongkhag forestry staff with essential knowledge and skills on GPS and GIS;
  • To be able to maintain database of CF applying GIS techniques;
  • To be able to backstop the field staff in surveying and mapping of CF boundary;
  • To be able to monitor and report on the status of CF management activities from the respective dzongkhags to Headquarters on an annual basis; and
  • To be able to make maps and keep data in digital form.
  • Target group for the training is the dzongkhag forestry and social forestry staff.