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Datastream announces new GIS capabilities

Datastream Systems, has announced from the ESRI User Conference that it is offering new GIS capabilities through the integration of Datastream 7i(TM) and applications from ESRI. This functionality delivers powerful capabilities to Datastream’s customers by enabling the integration of ESRI based GIS functionality into the Datastream 7i Asset Performance Management solution. In addition, Datastream 7i functionality can be utilized within ESRI applications. Datastream Systems provides Asset Performance Management software and services to enterprises worldwide

Datastream 7i is based on a Web-services architecture that enables the creation of easy to use and easy to configure zero-footprint HTML interfaces. These interfaces can be used to access functionality from other applications, such as those from ESRI. Users can also embed Datastream 7i functionality into other applications. For example, a municipal worker whose primary application is ESRI can pinpoint the location of a manhole and retrieve the entire Datastream 7i maintenance history on that manhole and each pipe entering and exiting that manhole without leaving the GIS application. Likewise, a Datastream 7i user may receive a work order to respond to an odor complaint and retrieve ESRI data to identify the sewer lines in that vicinity (along with their history of inspection and maintenance) without leaving the Datastream 7i application.

Workers can achieve further efficiencies through features like the Datastream 7i GIS Map Search. This enables workers to map out locations of multiple assets so they can more effectively plan and perform scheduling. For example, a person responsible for flushing dead-end lines can locate every dead-end hydrant in town and map out a route representing the shortest path covering all of them.

The interfaces to Datastream 7i can be configured to match the roles and processes of end users, thus reducing training requirements and improving overall product usability. Datastream 7i already provides comprehensive GIS support for discrete assets, such as vehicles, buildings, parks and other infrastructure. The integration with ESRI adds best-of-breed capabilities for managing linear assets such as sewer lines, water distribution systems, pipelines, electrical networks and highways.