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Howell, NJ, USA, January 16, 2009 – Designed for companies associated with real estate, mapping technology, Location Based Services (LBS), demographic prediction and the financial sector, DataMap Intelligence has announced a new geo-mapping product to be released in mid-2009. The new product, DataMap Maps, will provide the most up-to-date, accurate digital representation of the detailed road network not available elsewhere. The digital maps will include virtually every street throughout North America.

The complete list of products from the five-product tracking system includes:

DataMap Data provides fresh, manipulatable, exclusive raw data of all new developments, useful to professionals in a variety of industries, guiding them in expansion goals, site selection and product marketability projections.

DataMap Streets is a real-time tracking solution that catches every new street as it comes into creation, allowing geographic data collectors to bypass the typical indexing lag inherent in other mapping technologies.

DataMap Maps provides the most up-to-date, accurate representation of the detailed road network across the United States and Canada. DataMap Maps digital map data offers accuracy and detail not available elsewhere, which will include virtually every street throughout North America.

Datamap Analyst tracks the exact movement of the top 25 US homebuilders allowing users to compare and analyze month vs. month, builder vs. builder, and location vs. location to understand market trends and predict future marketing demographics.

DataMap Snapshot is a unique application that allows the user to create customized comprehensive snapshots of the entire new housing market across the United States or in a user-customizable region, providing an accurate snapshot into the future using Microsoft Virtual Earth.

The company’s newly enhanced website at www.DataMapintel.com will guide clients as they maximize their business practices with the most current residential development data, according to Charlie Schwab, CEO of DataMap Intelligence.