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Datacom launches MOBILUS

Datacom launched MOBILUS, a revolutionary new system for recovering stolen vehicles. Several hundred people were on hand at the Olympic Stadium’s StarCité cinema for the presentation of young businessman, Paul-André Savoie, president and CEO of Datacom. Guests were treated to a spectacular big screen demonstration of the system’s efficiency. At the same time, the company inaugurated a new website solely dedicated to MOBILUS: www.datacom.com/mobilus

MOBILUS will prove to be a ground breaking deterrent to car theft, a crime that takes place every four minutes in Canada. Essentially, the system relies on a trio of extremely efficient technologies: the cellular network, the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Internet. MOBILUS also uses “Control Channel Positioning System” technology, enabling users to quickly locate a vehicle that is either underground or in a closed area, such as a building, a garage, a tunnel or a container.

The moment a car is stolen, an alert signal is immediately transmitted to a Datacom security central and then to a 911 dispatcher. This signal is activated automatically, even without the intervention of the car’s owner. Notified within seconds, the police are then able to take the necessary steps to recover the vehicle.

MOBILUS is not only a preventive security system, it also promises substantial savings for insurance companies and their clients. Considered the new standard for security, MOBILUS will be sold and installed at the majority of Quebec’s car dealerships. Currently, a number of insurance companies recommend the system to their clients, offering users discounts in their premiums ranging from 15 to 35 percent.

As well, MOBILUS seamlessly integrates numerous advanced functions. On top of acting as a deterrent to auto theft, the system can offer complementary on-line features such as door unlocking and remote starting. It also includes a lock-down feature that red flags all unauthorized movement of your car (such as when your adolescent drives it after 11 PM, for example). During a police intervention, MOBILUS can also activate a car’s emergency lights and horn, so as to better help the recovery effort. The system can also be used to cut the fuel supply to the engine, thereby avoiding dangerous chases. “With MOBILUS, drivers are armed with an all-in-one product that not only protects and recovers their vehicle, it also makes being an owner that much more enjoyable,” adds Savoie.

MOBILUS is hitting the auto security market at a critical moment when car theft statistics are on the rise. In 2000, 33,731 vehicles were stolen in Quebec, totalling some $263 million for insurance companies and for their clients. Each year, 10 to 12 percent of car insurance premium goes towards compensation for victims of car theft.