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Data Science Toolkit for geospatial data

US: Pete Warden, a British-born programmer, launched a project called, Data Science Toolkit. It is an open source project and contains a variety of tools for analyzing data, including several geospatial ones. Warden is most famous for his cool map of Facebook users, which led to Facebook threatening to sue him.

Some of the key features of Data Science Toolkit include:
– Geocoding (currently US only) – this uses the open source geocoder developed by geoIQ using TIGER data. There are no transaction limits or restrictive terms associated with it. Users can also run it offline.
– Reverse geocoding – takes a point and gives information about users where they are. This is not a unique feature, but has the same advantages as the geocoding functionality in terms of setup and lack of restrictions.
– GeoDict is a tool that emulates Yahoo’s Placemaker and pulls location data out of unstructured English text – its API is identical to Placemaker.

Source: geothought.blogspot.com