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Data logger included, power consumption reduced

Fastrax Ltd., a developer of GPS receivers for optimal utilization of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), has announced the availability of a new, upgraded firmware release 1.08 for the Fastrax iTrax02 GPS receiver.
The new firmware includes several enhancements and new features such as iLogger and iNavStore.

iLogger enables the autonomous logging of position data into the iTrax02 embedded flash memory. The memory will store up to 40 000 individual position fixes, which allows for detailed route tracking in e.g. fleet management. The iLogger access support is added in both standard NMEA and Fastrax proprietary iTalk communication protocols.

With iNavStore, navigation data is stored in Flash memory automatically during navigation. Replacing the need for a separate back-up battery, the iNavStore enables faster time to first fix after a power break.

Software engineers are offered new benefits and added value through improvements in the usability of the Fastrax iSuite Software Development Kit (SDK). The updated SDK allows easier development of embedded software in the iTrax02/8 modules.

The extended communication protocols of the new firmware facilitate the inclusion of GPS capabilities in diverse systems and appliances. The advanced configurability of the iTrax02 provides new parameters for controlling the behavior of application-specific features such as navigation and post-navigation filtering, a system for selective storage of relevant data only.

The overall sensitivity and accuracy of the iTrax02 are improved through a number of amendments. The inclusion of the World Magnetic Model corrects for the magnetic variation. The real time clock now maintains time over warm reset. In addition, the power consumption of the iTrax02 in sleep mode is further reduced to 40-50 uA.

Fastrax’s product family of iTrax02 Series 12-channel GPS receivers offers key benefits in performance, size, power consumption and versatility. The iTrax02 Series modules enable the implementation of position-aware features into practically any appliance. They are ideally suited for both industrial tracking systems and battery-operated consumer products like mobile phones, asset tracking devices, handheld computers and sports accessories. With the lowest power drain in the market, the iTrax02 is an optimal module for small portable devices.