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‘Data is next big opportunity for UK space industry’

UK: The explosion in data available from satellites is creating a huge business opportunity for the UK, according to Astrium’s engineering chief.

Finding ways to combine the rapidly growing data sets collected by Europe’s satellites, for example photo images and positioning data, could become one of the space industry’s key growth areas, said the satellite manufacturer’s head of engineering, Patrick Wood.

Speaking at the Engineer Conference in Birmingham, Wood said there was a need to recruit more software engineers into the industry and engage with small businesses to develop the technology to make use of this data, which is often made freely available by the European Space Agency.

‘The amount of data available from space is growing exponentially,’ Wood said adding, ‘People are finding really innovative ways of combining data, processing them and creating pseudo-images that show new things.’

The obvious example of this, he said, was Google Earth, which combines satellite images and local information, offering a smooth transition between different levels of scale.

Source: The Engineer