Data East launches ArcGIS game

Data East launches ArcGIS game


Novosibirsk, Russia: Data East, LLC – leading Russian developer of intelligent GIS tools, announced the first ever gaming extension for ArcGIS – Fifteen Puzzle 1.0.

“As long time GIS users, we pay special attention to the usability of the most sophisticated tools we provide. Fifteen Puzzle brings an entirely new flavour into ArcGIS user experience. We plan to launch more intelligent fun apps for ArcGIS in the future,” said Dr Slava Ananyev, Director General of Data East, LLC.

Fifteen Puzzle enables ArcGIS users to reshuffle the map as per the need. They can make the task tougher if they turn off the numbers shown on the puzzle tiles and check their knowledge of the map that they work with.

High-score table keeps track of their own successes, so they can improve their ArcGIS skills in yet another way!

The game is compatible with ArcGIS 9.3, 9.3.1, and 10 and is available for free download from