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Daratech study reveals ESR?s Lead in GIS Market

The annual study published by Daratech, a market research firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has revealed that ESRI is the leading contingent in the GIS Market

“During 2001, ESRI was fortunate to continue growing and making a difference in the organizations we serve,” says Jack Dangermond, president, ESRI. “Our users are doing important work with GIS in virtually all markets. GIS is significantly impacting these organizations, making them more efficient, improving communication, and increasing their ability to make better decisions.”

ESRI has strengthened its position as the number one GIS software provider in 2001 with estimated software revenues of $427 million and 34.6 percent of the total worldwide GIS software market. And as ESRI grew, so did the GIS industry, with worldwide GIS software revenue reaching $1.1 billion and growth of 14.3 percent over the previous year.

“More and more, GIS is a fundamental enterprise tool that works across organizations,” adds Dangermond. “With the upcoming releases of ArcGIS on desktops and servers, our users will have enhanced tools enabling them to do even more profound work within their respective industries. We are seeing major growth in enterprise GIS with strong interest in building Web services based on GIS networks, both within organizations and across communities, national boundaries, and around the world.”