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Danish Electric Company to deploy Intergrap?s G/Electric solution

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced that North-West Sealand Energy Supply Company (NVE A.m.b.a.), Denmark, signed a contract for the implementation of a geofacilities information management system based on Intergraph’s G/Electric software. NVE A.m.b.a. distributes electricity to 117,000 customers throughout 2000 square kilometers of northwestern Sealand, Denmark’s largest and most populous island. G/Electric is an enabling technology for Geospatial Resource Management (GRM), in which integrated systems help streamline day-to-day activities that provision and maintain a company’s service-delivery network. The solution’s open architecture will enable integration between NVE A.m.b.a.’s existing electric network and the company’s new fiber network, which takes advantage of extra network capacity to offer broadband, cable TV and telephony to subscribers. During a five-year period, NVE A.m.b.a. intends to install optical fiber to reach more than 50,000 customers, constituting
Denmark’s largest broadband venture.

G/Electric will help NVE A.m.b.a. efficiently manage and maintain geospatial information about its facility networks from one open geofacilities database, eliminating data redundancy, significantly reducing operating and administrative costs and enhancing enterprisewide data access. With G/Electric’s Web-based query and viewing tools, NVE A.m.b.a. will provide contractors and subscribers access to facility data via the Internet.

The project is expected to be complete by the fourth quarter of 2003.