Czech mapping agency to provide easy access to geospatial data

Czech mapping agency to provide easy access to geospatial data


Czech Republic: The Czech Republic”s national mapping agency, the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre (COSMC), has implemented a Web-based solution from Intergraph for the distribution and publishing of national geospatial data. The solution includes high-performance image compression and delivery for handling big data on a large scale. COSMC”s original system, based on Intergraph”s GeoMedia, was recently upgraded to an integrated Web-based portal, leveraging multiple Intergraph technologies. COSMC also integrated image exploitation and analysis, featuring ERDAS IMAGINE, into existing workflows.

“We needed the right solution to allow us to improve and streamline the management and distribution of key geospatial data,” said Petr Dvoracek, head of Administration and Use of Geoinformatics Section, COSMC. “By working with Intergraph, we were able to digitise massive amounts of geospatial data in ways that made it much easier to share publicly,” he added.

Prior to upgrading, COSMC provided the data in file formats. Now, through the combined capabilities of the Intergraph upgrade, COSMC is able to offer the public enhanced viewing, discovery, transformation and download services, ensuring excellent throughput. In addition, the organisation is able to provide WMTS services for three fundamental user communities: national, INSPIRE and GoogleMaps.

Source: prnewswire