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Cyze & Associates releases Geospatial Explorer Release 2.9.

August 6,2002 Cyze & Associates, Ltd., a provider of environmental data integration and remote database administration services, has announced Geospatial Explorer Release 2.9.

The new version is available FREE for download at https://www.cyze.com/download

In collaboration with EarthSoft, Cyze & Associates, Ltd., has also announced an interface to EarthSoft’s EQuIS data management system. The interface provides rapid access to EQuIS Chemistry and EquIS Geology data in 3-D while maintaining Geospatial Explorer’s friendly user interface. EQuIS is the most widely used environmental data management system in the world.

In an on going effort to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s Fully Integrated Environmental Location Decision Support System (FIELDS), Cyze & Associates, Ltd., shall continue to offer registration for the FIELDS 3-D Viewer.

Geospatial Explorer has been written to enable geologists, environmental scientists, and engineers to apply innovative science and technology to enhance and expedite the reduction of risk to human health and the environment. Geospatial Explorer permits the user to identify, understand, and solve complex environmental problems better, faster, and cheaper.