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CycloMedia, Aerodata to photograph the Netherlands

The Netherlands – Waardenburg, march 2009 – In the coming three years, CycloMedia Technology will offer nationwide aerial photography of The Netherlands on an annual basis at extremely high resolution. This project, named LuchtfotoNL, will be executed in a strategic alliance with Aerodata International Surveys from Belgium.

As part of the project, in the first quarter of this year, the first flights have been conducted. Large parts of the Dutch provinces Limburg, Noord-Brabant and the area of Amsterdam have already been covered. Based on the results of its own market research, CycloMedia will maintain a ground resolution of 10cms.

Besides aerial imagery, CycloMedia is involved in the production of 360 degree spherical panoramic images at street level. These images are taken at a five meter interval on every road in The Netherlands on a yearly basis.

The imagery products will be available as Stereo10 and Ortho10. Stereo10 is a country covering 10 centimetre resolution ortho photo file and a complete set of triangulated able stereo images. Ortho10 is the country covering photo mosaic, mainly used for visual purposes in GIS and CAD applications. Stereo10 includes individual images, suitable for digital mapping at high accuracy and precision.