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Cybertech launches GIS product suite for smart cities in India

Mumbai, India: Geospatial solutions provider CyberTech has launched its smart city initiative, GeoCivic, in India. GeoCivic is Cybertech’s flagship, GIS-based information management suite that leverages the latest geospatial platforms to build an integrated governance decision support engine. This engine helps users leverage locational intelligence for optimum civic planning and development, thereby helping city governments build a truly smart city.

The integrated, yet modular architecture offers a flexible, cost-effective and menu-driven approach to deployment, giving users the freedom to install only those applications that they need. In addition, the product gives users the freedom to choose amongst individual modules within each application to optimise their cost of ownership (TCO).

GeoCivic V 1.0 focuses on four key smart governance applications, with a dedicated application for each element: property tax management, citizen complaint redressal system, public health management, and public safety and health management. Realising that the functions and supporting processes of each state are unique in their own way, CyberTech has built GeoCivic on an architecture that can support all process variations. The product can easily be customized to support all state-specific features.

Speaking at the launch, Vish Tadimety, Chairman & CEO, CyberTech Systems and Software, said that “developing nations like India have great potential opportunities but also challenges, like citizen safety, progressive growth, managing flood and water, global warming and terrorism, all of which are linked. The need of the hour is to address the issues holistically to take advantage of the growth opportunities.” He added that approaching the issues spatially will enable solving many problems, and giving right information in the hands of right people is the only way we can significantly grow India. He stressed that “approaching challenges with spatial thinking solves these tomorrow’s challenges today.” The Smart City initiative enables smart cities through effective governance and superior civil administration.

Vishal Bargat, Director & Head – India BU, said that critical governance decisions are largely dependent on huge amount of information, created everywhere, every day. The requirement is to convert the information into knowledge and into actionable intelligence. Further, the questions faced by civic authorities are largely location-based. In such a scenario, accurate geospatial information can make decision making easy.

Source: Our correspondent