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CyberCity offers 3D city model of Hamburg commercially

Hamburg, Germany, 4 July 2006: A collaborative agreement has been signed between the State Office for Geo-Information and Survey (LGV) of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and CyberCity, Zurich to market and improve the massive 3D city model of Hamburg, Germany.

The city model includes more than 300,000 buildings and will be offered in three different Levels-of-Detail: non-textured block models, non-textured detailed models and textured detailed models. The city center will consist of over 2,000 buildings and will include approximately 40,000 façade images.

Textures will be semi-automatically applied from oblique aerial imagery using CyberCity-Modeler’s texturing tool that is used to create a more realistic environment. The final deliverable will be available to the public via the Internet (www.cybercity.tv) in October 2006. Applications include tourism, safety, security, architecture and urban city planning and car navigation.

The deliverable also includes a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and a digital Orthophoto. LGV and CyberCity will co-market the 3D data. LGV will distribute the data within the municipal agencies and organizations and CyberCity will market exclusively to all other interested parties.

Additional applications/customers for Hamburg’s 3D City Model include mission and safety planning for fire and police departments, architects, urban planners and other agencies who may use CAD renderings to demonstrate project alternatives and communicate project plans. 3D city models are also being used in some car navigation systems.