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CyberCity generates 3D City Models from Quickbird

CyberCity extended its 3D city modeling software CyberCity-Modeler for Quickbird images. CyberCity presents a 3D city model generated from 70cm-ground resolution Quickbird scenes over Phoenix, Arizona (USA). The images were provided by Eurimage S.p.A., Italy. The working area was Phoenix downtown, covering approximately two square kilometers, with skyscrapers in a well-organized network and distinctly separated from one another. Using CC-Modeler software package, the buildings have been modeled semi-automatically with roof texture from the images themselves and facade textures from suitable images in the software library. If available, (oblique) aerial images can be mapped automatically on the facades. The achieved results demonstrate the potential of very high-resolution satellite images, like Quickbird, for the extraction of 3D city models for topographic, urban and tourist applications. CyberCity operates in Zurich and Los Angeles offering services and software products for the generation, management, editing and visualization of 3D city and facility models. Photogrammetry services such as DTM generation, (true-) orthophoto generation and aerial triangulation from aerial and satellite images are also available.