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CyberCity 3D, Bluesky International team-up to develop 3D city models

A 3D city map of Beverly HillsUK: CyberCity 3D, a provider of advanced geospatial smart building data, has teamed with UK-based aerial mapping company Bluesky International to create cutting-edge, 3D city models. The collaboration will bring unparalleled 3D models to the UK by combining CyberCity 3D's 3D building production with Bluesky's stereo aerial imagery.

Access to Bluesky's data library, covering 150,000 sq km of off-the-shelf aerial photography, would allow CyberCity 3D to gain access to urban centres across the UK for 3D Smart Building production. In addition, Bluesky's will meet CyberCity’s need for aerial imagery for updating its database. By aligning technologies, both companies derive significant opportunities for dominance in 3D precision models for urban planners, developers, architects, and others requiring an accurate 3D solution for visualising, analysing, and sharing projects. The data partnership is expected to grow into a 3D data sales agreement involving maps throughout Great Britain. CyberCity 3D has plans to launch a Cloud-based 3D building services this.

Recently, Bluesky had unveiled the first-ever, detailed digital map of tree canopy cover detailing more than 300 million trees in an area of approximately 150,000 square kilometres. CyberCity has revealed that it plans to integrate this National Tree Map into 3D Esri CityEngine scenes it creates through its partnership with Esri UK and Cumbria, England-based Garsdale Design.

The company also added that it is also looking to further collaborate with Bluesky and Garsdale in other environmental applications including solar mapping and citywide "heat loss" maps in addition to the noise and air quality mapping products in development at Bluesky.

Source: CyberCity 3D