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‘Cyber warfare is a major tool for information operations’

New Delhi: The plenary session on “Cyber Warfare” was one of the most interesting and thought provoking sessions at the GeoIntelligence India 2013 conference. The session was chaired by Lt Gen Rajesh Pant, AVSM, VSM, Commandant MCTE & Colonel Commandant Corps of Signals.

Prof. V.S. Subrahmanian, Center for Digital International Government, Computer Science Dept. & UMIACS, University of Maryland presented his views on the concept of vulnerability where in an attacker takes advantage of a code to exploit technologies related to monitoring networks for known attacks, monitoring networks for unknown attacks and social media attacks. He further explained the detailed technical process of cyber hacking by quoting some example of an Election Social Media Attack where twitter was used as a tool to plot the attacks.

Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee PVSM, AVSM, YSM (Retd), Former Chief of Staff Central Command described the rational interpretation of the terminology ‘Cyber Warfare’ in Indian context. He focused on finding appropriate definitions, identification of the nature of the threat and courses of action to secure own cyber-space. He further delved into the similar aspects of cyber warfare as related to the military domain. He mentioned that cyber warfare is one of the major tools for ‘Information Operations’, both in offensive as well as defensive mode. He concluded his talk by emphasising on the synergy of the civil and military domains of the cyber-space.

Presenting his views on geolocation in cyberwar, Cdr Mukesh Saini (Retd), Former National Information Security Coordinator, Government of India, said that cyber warfare is very similar to naval warfare. He further elaborated on Tallinn Manual and the ‘Laws of Cyber Conflict’.

He also recommended including cyberwar in national cyber security policy, evolving cyber warfare doctrine and developing capacity to implement such doctrine and penetration tools indigenously.

Source: Our Correspondent

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