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Custom navigation system for VE Commodore from Siemens

Australia, 19 March 2007: Siemens VDO’s worldwide experience as a major supplier of instrumentation, electronics and infotainment systems has been used to to develop a custom navigation system for the recently released Holden VE Commodore vehicles which feature the premium colour screens.

Aesthetically, the system complements the vehicle’s console and cockpit with its fully integrated screen interface solution. Using a good algorithm, the software developers have produced a high speed unit which allows the screen to be activated in seconds with the receiver for the GPS satellites more sensitive.

Routes can be calculated on the navigation system instantly, even through several states. In a situation where the driver deviates from the planned route for any reason, the system provides an alternative route within seconds. Activated by the display screen’s navigation route button, the picture comes up instantly and is them controlled by a fully functional remote control via an infra-red sensor.

A major feature of the new system is the provision of the Australia-wide mapping Version 13 from the Sensis whereas database on just one SD card. This provides a vast road network and over 300,000 points of interest along the way. Importantly the map can be easily upgraded as later versions are released.