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Cubic’s Trafficware introduces next-generation traffic signal controller software

US: Cubic Corporation has announced that Trafficware, which operates within its Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) business division, is rolling out its latest and most advanced controller software SCOUT, responding to communities demand for more smart intersection technology, functionality and ease of use. The system will be on display July 21–23 at the Institute of Transportation Engineers Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.

While motorists rarely think about the complex systems that run a traffic signal, the controller is the intelligence behind connected and autonomous vehicle technology, adaptive traffic control systems, vehicle detection, pedestrian cross walks, emergency vehicle preemption, coordination with transit systems and ultimately mobility through any urban corridor.

Building upon the highly acclaimed Version 76 controller software, the new SCOUT controller software provides significant enhancements to address the increasing complexity of today’s signalized intersections.

The controller database has been expanded to support additional phases, overlaps, rings, channels, detectors and logic statements providing traffic engineers flexibility and options to enhance intersection features.

“With infrastructure being converted into smart cities, we’ve doubled our team dedicated to helping agencies accelerate their efforts,” explained Jeff Cornelius, product development director for Trafficware, Cubic Transportation Systems. “Our goal is to make game-changing advancements that define us as the leader and fuel Cubic’s NextCity vision.”

Built upon the Linux OS platform, SCOUT is perfectly matched for the latest advanced transportation controller or ATC class traffic controllers including, NEMA, 2070 and ITS.

The controller firmware also addresses the requirements for SynchroGreen Adaptive Traffic Signal Control, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) applications and Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs).

All controller firmware modules such as Light Rail Transit (LRT), Transit Signal Priority (TSP), Connected Vehicle (CV) and SynchroGreen Adaptive are pre-installed in the firmware and only require a software key to enable the features.