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CubeWerx announces CubeWerx Australia Pty Ltd

CubeWerx, a provider of spatial data warehousing and OGC compliant web services software products, has announced that it has opened its Australian subsidiary, CubeWerx Australia Pty Ltd. The Australian market place is embarking on the next stage of the establishment of robust Australian SDI, which will see the emergence of key government and private sector commercial SDI nodes. These developments are a result of the maturation of standards plus the emergence of Standards-based Commercial Off The Shelf (SCOTS) products tailored to this market. Web users from anywhere will soon be able to discover and access web services published by Australian Governments and other public or private organizations in a truly interoperable way.

The Australian subsidiary will engage in recruiting Value Added Implementation partners to provide additional local skills as well as market and sell CubeWerx SCOTS products directly or indirectly into the Australian market. CubeWerx’s move into Australia is also partly attributed to the decision of the National Oceans Office to use the CubeWerx Web Registry Server for its Marine Catalogue which will become a world leading geospatial portal solution integrating data and services from nine or more custodian agencies.