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Cube Globe to hit stage during the G20 Leaders Summit

Queenslands Cube GlobeAustralia, September 26, 2014: The Cube Globe platform as world-first interactive and cinematic display of spatial data visualisations will be unveiled during the G20 Leaders Summit on November 15-16.

Developed by the Queensland University of Technology team, the Cube Globe remarkably handles massive quantities of geospatial data in diverse formats and from several sources and visualises it, using state-of-the-art immersive animation, visualisation, animation and multimedia design on a scale not realised anywhere else globally.

Technically, the Cube Globe is a WebGL and HTML5 application which combines a 3D geobrowser with 2D HTML. The user interface displays HD video, interactive 3D models and dynamic charts, as well as traditional multimedia. An in-house GeoServer is used to publish government and third party datasets with speed.

Dr Tim Foresman, SIBA Chair of Spatial Information at QUT, said “the Cube Globe is a model for sharing and displaying information for national governance and citizenship.” However, he emphasised that the Cube Globe was not simply a tool for the use of large organisations, government and research groups. Citizens participation and data submission is definitely vital to it.

Source: CRCSI