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CSR offers traffic solutions for Delhi, India

New Delhi, India: CSR, a leading provider of multifunction connectivity and location platforms, announced that “Where is My Bus” and “Geo Traffic” solutions are two such solutions for the commuters to find out the fastest as well as the shortest route to any destination, and to get the real-time mapping results of the traffic speed in various parts of the New Delhi city.

CSR’s “learning server” studies the pattern of traffic in areas where the tracked vehicles are moving and interprets and predicts the composite traffic speed in that area. Taking the GPS feed and the data that is collected, for the passengers, the CSR solution is capable of providing a time estimation of when a certain vehicle will arrive at a certain stop.

Ashu Pande, Managing Director, SiRF India, a part of CSR India, said the time estimation of a vehicle “will be soon available through SMS and through applications in all smart phones.” If one wishes to travel by a certain bus, he or she can visit the website of the transport company or query through his or phone to check the time when the bus will reach the specific bus stop.

“Historical data such as weather, season, day of the week (weekends), festivals, and peak office hours are also gathered by our intelligent server and is fed into the algorithms which help in processing the final results for a congenial journey of the commuters on the roads,” added Pande.

CSR has its own data centre in Noida, dedicated to traffic management. The company has also developed an innovative solution based on Java wherein any phone can be converted into a GPS device whose location can be tracked and stored in the system. This finds application in safety solutions.

Source: brand-comm