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CSR finds its way into the Navman GPS 4400 wireless car navigation system

Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) announced that its BlueCore Bluetooth(R) silicon has been selected by Navman, a GPS navigation company, for its Navman GPS 4400 in-vehicle system. The Bluetooth wireless connection, made possible with CSR’s BlueCore in the Navman GPS 4400, turns a Pocket PC PDA into a navigation system that will issue voice commands. The easy to use in-car Navman system makes use of satellite location technology (GPS) to pinpoint one’s location and then issues precise directions throughout the journey using voice commands. Voice technology is made possible by the supplied SmartST(TM) Professional Voice Navigation software. Navman GPS 4400 is available now from online retailers for approximately $400.

The GPS 4400 receiver is Navman’s first to be offered with Bluetooth wireless technology and, similar to Navman’s other GPS receivers, offers navigational accuracy within a tolerance of 5 meters. The Navman GPS 4400 issues voice commands, for added safety, giving instructions on every turn with a high-degree of accuracy. The Bluetooth link will allow the GPS receiver to communicate wirelessly with a Pocket PC PDA, which provides the user interface. Included in the SmartST software suite are road and street level maps for sixteen Western European countries, USA, or Australia, ensuring accurate navigation for personal, sales or delivery use.

The Navman SmartST software will work on any Pocket PC 2002 or 2003 system with embedded Bluetooth wireless technology. The supplied vehicle windshield mount combined with Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows the GPS receiver to be mounted on the front or rear windshield. CSR’s BlueCore Class 2 Bluetooth device will provide a wireless connection between the GPS receiver and PDA up to a range of 10 meters — permitting convenient location of the receiver and PDA. A fully mobile system, the Navman GPS 4400 is also designed to be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle unlike fully embedded in-vehicle systems.

The low power consumption of CSR’s BlueCore ensures that battery life in the GPS 4400 is maximized which means three AAA batteries can power the unit for up to 30 hours. For even longer trips, the Navman GPS 4400 can be powered using a vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter via the vehicle power adaptor cable.