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CSIRO website offers greenhouse data

Australia: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) launched an interactive website. It enables users to track trends in greenhouse gas pollution. The website shows in real time how gases, some of which have grown in concentration by up to 20 per cent since the 1970s, fluctuate in the atmosphere.

CSIRO Greenhouse Gas team leader Paul Fraser said, “The site doesn’t get into the climate change science in the sense of ‘if CO2 goes to such level, what will the temperature do?’. It is merely a history of our measurements. People now can make up their own minds about the data.”

The website shows records taken of gases such as carbon dioxide and methane at Cape Grim, on Tasmania’s northwest tip, since 1976 to the present day. These will be refreshed monthly. It shows the level of CO2 at Cape Grim in May 1976 was 328.9 parts a million. This increases steadily to 387 parts a million in April this year, an increase of more than 15 per cent.

Source: The Australian