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CSIRO develops GIS-based dam break modelling

Australia: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) scientists have developed powerful modelling techniques to help understand the full impact of flooding that occurs when dams collapse. CSIRO’s innovative approach combines data that changes over time – the water flow – with static landscape data from a GIS to show how infrastructure will be affected.
Working with China’s Satellite Surveying & Mapping Application Centre (SASMAC), CSIRO scientists have modelled the effects of a catastrophic failure of the massive Geheyan Dam in China’s Hubei province. They have simulated the impact of flooding on the surrounding region and its infrastructure if the dam suddenly released its 3.12 billion cubic metres of water.
CSIRO computational scientist, Dr Mahesh Prakash, said, “Our simulations show where the water would go, how fast it would reach important infrastructure such as power stations and the extent of inundation in major townships downstream. It gives us very realistic water simulations including difficult-to-model behaviours such as wave motion, fragmentation and splashing.”
Source: CSIRO