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CSIRO, Beijing Univ. in wireless sensor research tie-up

Australia: Australian and Chinese scientists have pledged to develop natural disaster early warning systems that could help prevent the devastating death tolls in Victoria’s bushfires last month. The remote sensing systems would be developed as part of a wider agreement between the Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Beijing University to develop next-generation wireless communication technology.

China’s vice-minister for Science and Technology Dr Cao Jianlin and Australian Labour Party (ALP) Parliamentary Secretary for Early Childhood Education, Maxine McKew, opened a new wireless centre of excellence at the CSIRO’s radio physics research labs in Sydney to facilitate the agreement.

Speaking with assistance from an interpreter Dr Cao offered his condolences to victims of the Victorian bushfires and said that China and Australia faced similar geographic challenges in managing responses to natural disasters.

The centre of excellence’s first formal goal would be to make mobile wireless communications base stations more environmentally friendly, the CSIRO said. The research would build on ongoing research efforts between Australia and China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.