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CSIRO, AuScope develop geospatial data network

Australia: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in collaboration with AuScope, a geospatial solutions provider, developed an open-access network of geospatial data and supporting infrastructure — the Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) — for the exploration of Australia’s geology.

According to AuScope CEO Bob Haydon, SISS data will allow anyone to investigate Australia’s geological history for research into climate change, sustainable energy, water, mineral resources and geological activity such as earthquakes. “This is clearly just the first step but it is very timely as some of the really big challenges that we face nationally and globally require multi-organisational, as well as multidisciplinary approaches,” he stated.

“Quality integrated data products will provide national impact by attracting mineral explorers to Australia and helping drive successful exploration outcomes,” Haydon added.

SISS involved various open standards, including Web Feature Service, GeoServer, FullMoon and HollowWorld. According to CSIRO software engineer Robert Woodcock, the partners hoped to spark user demand for open standards and consequently prompt movement from software giants such as Oracle and Esri.

Woodcock said AuScope and the CSIRO had initially encountered some resistance from data sources, as organisations grappled with new firewall handling, policy, and data licensing requirements.
The SISS launch represented three years of work and USD 1 million in funding from the National E-Research Architecture Taskforce.

Source: www.itnews.com.au