Crutchfield to add KVH TracVision A5 and live Satellite TV for cars...

Crutchfield to add KVH TracVision A5 and live Satellite TV for cars nationwide


Crutchfield Corporation, the country’s catalog and on-line consumer electronics retailer, announced that it would add the KVH TracVision A5 satellite TV antenna to its product line. Manufactured by KVH Industries, the TracVision A5 is the first and only low-profile satellite TV antenna designed specifically for use on passenger vehicles throughout the United States. Repeatedly named the on-line retail sites and offering a catalog that reaches 8.5 million audio/video enthusiasts, Crutchfield expands the potential sales opportunities for TracVision A5 beyond the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retail network. Crutchfield will also enable KVH to satisfy consumer interest in the TracVision A5 in areas that lack an automotive audio/video retail presence.The revolutionary TracVision A5 provides in-motion access to more than 300 channels of satellite TV and commercial-free music via virtually all in-vehicle passenger entertainment systems. The 5-inch high TracVision A5 uses KVH’s revolutionary phased-array technology to create an antenna with a rugged, flat design suitable for the family SUV, mini-van, or car. The two hottest categories of mobile consumer electronics for Crutchfield are satellite radio and mobile video.The KVH TracVision A5 allows the customers to get a wide selection of both audio and video via satellite in a high-quality, compact package.