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Crowdsourcing project launched to gather navigational data

Costal water maps, Credits-BBCUK: An innovative project launched in UK, called Teamsurv, is seeking mariners help to create better charts of coastal waters. Mariners log depth and position data whilst they are at sea, and upload the data to the Web for processing and display.

Large parts of the seas around the UK have not had their depth measured for over a century. By providing a small data logger to put onboard, Teamsurv can collect and collate the voyages of boats and build up a more detailed map. The data is published online and made available to other organisations to use, share and adapt. Teamsurv has been granted funding for its project from the UK Satellite Navigation competition, an initiative set up to support start-ups that use satellite data. The team hopes to recruit volunteers from all over the world to gather global data. The information gathered can help get out of high tides and protect endangered species that live under water.

Source: BBC