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Critical design review of WorldView-3 complete

Colorado, US: DigitalGlobe and Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. announced that they successfully completed the Critical Design Review (CDR) for DigitalGlobe’s next generation remote-sensing satellite, WorldView-3. The announcement about the successful design review was completed in late August and keeps WorldView-3 on schedule for a planned launch in the middle of 2014. WorldView-3 will expand DigitalGlobe’s orbiting constellation to four remote-sensing satellites.

The CDR verified design modifications between WorldView-3 and WorldView-2, previously built by Ball for DigitalGlobe. This included validation of cost and schedule documentation and verification of test requirements that will allow Ball Aerospace to proceed into the final manufacturing, integration and the testing phase of the program.

“The successful CDR puts us on the path to bus integration in mid- to late-2012 followed by instrument integration in 2013,” said Cary Ludtke, vice president of Ball’s Civil and Operational Space business unit. “Our mission success with DigitalGlobe is built on our proven spacecraft bus and schedule performance.”

Source: Digital Globe & Market Watch