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Critical Area Response Manager to aid government agencies with specific homeland security efforts

MapInfo Corporation, the provider of location intelligence solutions for the enterprise, unveiled its new homeland security solution designed to help government agencies leverage location analysis when making critical decisions. The Critical Area Response Manager (CARM) is the first dynamic homeland security solution developed for rapid analysis, planning and response around a declared area as a result of an incident or disaster.

In an emergency situation, every second is critical. CARM enables government agencies to take immediate control and command of a situation. For example, if an incident occurs at a major sporting event, a government agency could use CARM to zero in on the exact location by actually drawing the specific outline of that area, highlighting entrance/exit points, and determining assets and resources nearby such as fire and police stations, government facilities, hospitals, tunnels and tower lines. CARM enables agencies to quickly assess how far away first responders are from the scene, how long it will take for them to arrive and the most expeditious route to the scene.

With this information, agencies are able to quickly create action plans and make better, more informed decisions. Importantly, CARM can be customized on the fly, adapting to the current situation at hand. For example, if the incident site expands, agencies can use the map tools to redraw the area and set up new control points and routes, and create new response management areas.
CARM includes a wide variety of critical infrastructure data across the United States, including electrical power, natural gas and communication lines, enabling government agencies to create a homeland security solution that best meets its specific needs. Since CARM can be highly customized, it can be used in virtually every area within government that is responsible for some aspect of homeland security such as emergency management, city planning, IT departments, first responders and eGovernment.
Through a simple Web interface and control panel, government agencies can perform location analysis queries through multiple paths such as by address, phone number, region and by single and multi-point input. Users can tag an area in question, visualize that area on a map, and determine if it falls within a coverage area or if it would be affected by a specific disaster. Due to its flexibility, CARM can be used by multiple levels of government personnel, from high-level executives to field personnel for improved decision-making.