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Criminals in India to walk to the tune of GPS

Chandigarh, India: In a bid to keep a tab on criminal activities, Haryana State Police in India will tag criminals who go out of jails on parole. The state police have tied up with Sharp Electrotech Inc., a Taiwan-based company, for the GPS tagging devices. “However, this move also requires an amendment in the provisions of the Good Conduct of Prisoners’ Act,” Haryana police Additional Director General B S Sandhu said.
This device will be in the form of an anklet or a bracelet. This is for the first time in the country that police is using such device and this scheme will be started from Yamunanagar district of the state. “These tracking bracelets or anklets will be first put on prisoners serving jail terms for murder, rape, loot or extortion. Right now we have around 140 parole jumpers in the state and around 30 of them are hard-core criminals,” Sandhu stated.
The monitoring bracelet or anklet will cost around INR 20000 to INR 25000 per unit and it would be water proof and can withstand external pressure. Special software will be installed into it through which movement of the criminal can be easily tracked.
Source: www.igovernment.in