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Crime mapping gives neighbourhood picture

UK: Melton residents now have access to the latest local crime information at their fingertips through a new interactive crime mapping website. Accessible via the front page of Leicestershire Police’s website (www.leics.police.uk) the map provides an opportunity for people to see where crime has happened, make comparisons with other areas and learn how crime is being tackled by their neighborhood policing team.

Using interactive mapping technology and crime data, the maps show crime levels for Melton wards as well as Melton Local Policing Unit and all other areas covered by Leicestershire Police. Visitors to the website can enter a village, town or postcode and be taken directly to the ward it relates to. They can also pan and zoom an interactive map to find detailed statistics about where they live or work.

At the click of a button residents can find out whether crime has risen, fallen or remained the same in their area compared to the same time last year. The website also shows whether crime levels are above or below average compared with the rest of the force area. Crime data is updated monthly.

According to the website crime in four of Melton’s six wards (Craven, Newport, Sysonby and Warwick) has increased compared with his time last year (based on crime data for September, October and November). People can also compare the levels of a particular type of crime in their local area.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Tew said: “Leicestershire Police has provided crime statistics at a neighbourhood level for a number of years but this is the first time that users will be able to view the crime levels on an interactive map and see crime rates for the past 12 months.

To visit the crime mapping website log on to https://maps.leics.police.uk