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Creaform upgrades its Pipecheck Analyze module

Canada: Creaform, one of the leading companies providing portable 3D measurement solutions and 3D engineering services, has updated its Pipecheck Analyse module, pipeline integrity assessment software. When used with the new HandySCAN 3D scanner, the updated Pipecheck 2.2 enables NDT service companies and pipeline operators to quickly and accurately perform evaluations of pipeline degradation and remaining service life.

The updated package launched includes: Pipecheck, a single software solution for pipeline corrosion and mechanical damage assessment; Pipecheck Analyze, assessment tool for on-site analysis or from a remote location; Virtual pit gauge, two-sided pit-gauge solution with updated algorithm; Surface merging which gives users a brand-new method to optimize workflows when working on the same pipe joint with multiple units. Scans that share an overlap of targets can now be realigned together using their common targets — dramatically increasing productivity in the field.

Source: Creaform3D