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CRCSI industry partners to benefit from research alliance

Australia: The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) has recently partnered with the Australian Mathematical Science Institute (AMSI) Intern program to coordinate high-level four-five month long research projects for industry partners connected with CRCSI.

CRC is an Australian government initiative to bring together researchers from universities, government organisations and private industry or public sector agencies in long-term collaborative engagement that support research and development and education activities to achieve real outcomes of national economic and social significance.

Philip Collier, Research Director, CRC for Spatial Information said, "The AMSI Intern program offers a unique opportunity for CRCSI partner organisations to work with bright young researchers on a low-risk, low-cost basis… allowing partners to tap into a range of complementary skills to solve challenging problems of immediate relevance."

More SMEs and large enterprises are using affordable programs, like AMSI Intern, to connect with highly qualified researchers from across all disciplines to address challenges facing their business.

Source: CRCSI