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‘CRCSI can add approx 32 bn to Australian economy’

Australia: Australia will soon set up National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI). In conversation with LBx Journal, Peter Woodgate, CEO, Cooperative Research Center for Spatial Information (CRCSI) said, “The CRCSI’s research will underpin the NPI vision. Economic modelling that we commissioned suggests that we can add at least USD 32 billion to the Australian economy over the next 20 years with an NPI.”

However, Woodgate denied claiming CRCSI as unique among technology incubator models around the world. He explained that there are similar research centres in Canada (GEOIDE), Korea (KLSG), Mexico (CentroGeo), Sweden (FPX) and Ireland (NCG). According to the journal, CRCSI is a joint venture of 110 organisations – a combination of private companies, government agencies and academic institutions with USD 160 million under investment to solve and commercialise solutions to complex spatial research and development issues.

About the NPI, Woodgate stated that it aims to deliver 2-cm accurate positioning anywhere outdoors in real-time. This can only be accomplished by taking advantage of the existing GPS system and the new and emerging systems of Galileo (EU), GLONASS (Russia), Compass (China), QZSS (Japan) and IRNSS (India). He observed that Australia is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these constellations from a research and development perspective.

Source: LBx Journal

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