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CR iview launched

The GeoInformation Group, publishers of Cities Revealed aerial photography has announced the launch of CR iview, a solution for viewing air photos in 3D without the need for glasses or expensive hardware. This solution brings 2D air photos to life within a standard PC environment to provide a remarkable 3D view of the landscape with buildings extruding from the screen and rolling terrain revealed in all its complexities. The significance of this new technology is the ability to view aerial photography in true 3D without the need for polarised glasses or a high-end photogrammetric workstation. Applications are numerous and include; land development, property development, local planning, environmental impact assessment, tree preservation, emergency planning and coastal protection to name a few. With CR iview, the level of feature detail and clarity within the imagery is considerably enhanced and the removal of building lean that is a trait often associated with 2D aerial photography is a further added advantage. The technology that lies behind CR iview utilises the existing Cities Revealed image management software, CRViewerâ„¢ that comes packaged free with Cities Revealed 2D photography. The CR iview solution, which has developed a new data format that extracts overlapping pairs of aerial images from either a film or a digital frame camera, re-formats aerial images into a stereo model. The two images are projected through the screen enabling each eye to see a different image that can be interpreted by the brain into a 3D view.