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CPRM signs cooperation agreement with Japan

The CEO Manoel Barretto, the head of the International Affairs, Maria Glícia, and the geologist George Pimentel represented the Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM) during the meeting, which took place this Tuesday (06/05), at the Foreign Ministry in Brasilia. The meeting is part of the activities from the Project for Strengthening National Strategy to Integrated Management for Disaster Risk (GIDES) and aimed to assess what has been accomplished, to plan the next actions and sign a term that includes officially the CPRM as a partner of the project.

Manoel Barretto said to feel honoured by the opportunity to be part of a project that has such an important social significance. Barretto also spoke about the importance of agencies to be working together in partnership. “This project, besides all that was presented and the benefits it brings to all, there is a very important question which is to work towards achieving an unification on methodology. The Japanese experience will be key to achieving this goal and we have a very high expectation with our participation”, he emphasized.

The “National Strategy for Integrated Management of Risk and Natural Disasters” was presented and the project was explained, which aims to formulate strategies for risk assessment, planning expansion urban and prevention, recovery and reconstruction of risk areas in Brazil. To achieve these goals, Brazil and Japan will be held training, courses, seminars and workshops that seek to exchange experiences between both countries.

Source: CPRM