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Cox Comm rolls out internet GIS

USA: Cox Communications, a cable provider throughout the United States, has commenced roll out of Tensing Web GIS as their internet GIS tool. Tensing, provider of geographic information and mobile solutions for the telecommunications and utilities industries was selected by Cox because of their standard products and fast implementation process.

“The necessity for an enterprise wide GIS tool came with our growing business. Our technical team, managers, and provisioning people needed access to GIS data for new connections and build out. With this implementation our staff will have the necessary information and be able to respond to customer demand much more quickly.”

“Tensing Web GIS met 90% of our requirements out of the box, which makes the entire implementation process much easier and faster” said Fred Anochie, Director for GIS Programs at Cox.

“Tensing is proud to be chosen as the solution at Cox Communications. We’ve done extensive R&D in our products to meet client needs with minimal customization efforts and ensure a faster roll out process. We look forward to a continued partnership in helping Cox with their mobility needs,” said Dirk Verbeek, Director of Marketing and Sales at Tensing.

With Tensing Web GIS Cox employees can access their asset data using Internet Explorer. The application is stored centrally, and not on individual desktops, making rollout a breeze. Additionally Tensing Web GIS reads their corporate GIS data natively with no translation or extraction necessary, maximizing performance for Cox.