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COWI digitally maps India

Setting the tone for future business initiatives in India, COWI, with 390 million USD annual fees consultancy organisation from Denmark, effected changes to Board nominees. Dr Henning Therkelsen took over the Chairmanship and inducted Mr Alok Upadhyaya as Managing Director. COWI has chosen to become majority shareholder of Kampsax India (51%) and strengthen their interest in developing the company by positioning Dr Henning Therkelsen, Executive Director of the COWI group as Chairman of the Board of Kampsax India (KIL). Dr Henning Therkelsen brings with him 27 years of experience. Mr Michael Gautier, erstwhile Head Road Division and currently Head of Mapping Division, would be the third nominee Director. Mr Pradeep Singh nominee of IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation and Mr N Kesavan, nominee of Industrial Fund for Developing Countries, Denmark are the other Directors in the newly constituted Board.

Kampsax India is currently India’s one of the largest Photogrammetric Mapping Company. Aerial Triangulation, Digital Terrain Model, Vector Capture and Orthophoto have been brought into large-scale production for the international projects being undertaken by COWI. KIL now employs around 400 staff. Kampsax India had been closely following the principles and rules as laid down by ‘Business Integrity Management Program’ of the COWI group. The Company was incorporated on October 31, 1994 and established as an 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU), registered with Software Technology Park of India. The Company has followed strictly the business integrity principles of COWI group.