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COVID-19: Indian start-up firm comes up with solution to track quarantine areas

Intugine Technologies, a start-up company based in India’s Bengaluru, is helping the government in keeping track on large number of individuals who are home quarantined and make sure that they follow the social distancing instruction.

The technology that the company has introduced can be used without installing an app, making it easier to be implemented. The company uses an SMS-based use content to initiate the tracking.

“Once the lockdown ends, it’s going to be very crucial to identify coronavirus hotspots based on population movement and density, and to do effective contact tracing to avoid another wave of infection”, Mrinal Rai, Co-founder, Intugine Technologies, said in an official release.

This solution has already been introduced in the five states of the country; helping authorities to track people quarantined in particular areas. The government officials and coronavirus control room will use real time dashboard to minitor home quarantined individuals.

The location data has been stored in a secure cloud, to make sure of complete privacy of people. The tracking on individuals will stop once the quarantine period will end.

The startup is in talks with several other state governments to implement the technology.