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COVID-19: Kazakhstan uses drones to monitor capital city

Kazakhstan’s drone service provider KazUAV has been helping the government to fight COVID-19, since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country. The company is helping the Nur-Sultan Police to keep check on borders with drones, ensuring proper surveillance

The country has locked down its cities and closed borders after the first case was reported on March 16. Among the cities that have been locked include the capital city of Nur-Sultan. The country is on a lockdown till April 15. The guidelines that Kazakhstan has taken to control the pandemic include suspension of public gathering, implementation of sanitation, travel restrictions among others

Dmitry Ivanov, Development Director, KazUAV, said, “As international experience has shown, restrictions introduced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are the most effective measures to fight it”.

“Of course, it’s hard for everyone now. it is a challenging time for each one of us. But the call to ‘stay home’ is more relevant than ever in the context of drones. We are familiar with carrying out critical tasks like monitoring floods or patrolling important events, but this was an emergency request which needed an immediate response,” he added.

The entry and exits from Nur-Sultan has been blocked, as part of preventive measures. Concrete blocks, barriers and armed measures are being used to monitor the movement in nearby villages like Talapker, Karaotkel (Ilyinka), Kosshy, and Zhibek-Zholy on the Nur-Sultan-Petropavlovsk highway.

The KazUAV team has completed hundreds of flight hours using drone -mounted cameras. The cameras that are being used include visible and infrared sensors, broadcasting all data, as also the coordinates of objects of interest, directly to the operational headquarters command centre.